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Graphic Design

Branding & Logo Design are Important for websites and print.

Using the client's input, I can customize the design branding to meet your specifications and needs. From multibillion dollar companies to the local start-up, all businesses need to start here.

Graphic design for websites

Designing graphics for a website uses all the elements and principles as print design. The client & designer need to explore the space and layout, typography and colors.


When the concept is complete it should represent the public image that client wants to portray.
Website Checklist:


Print Layout and Design

The elements of graphic design are used, and often combined, to create graphic works. These are not design principles, such as balance and white space, but rather components such as color, type and images. The most commonly used elements in graphic design are:

Shapes Lines Color Type Art, Illustration & Photography and Texture .



Search Engine Optimization

SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

Simply put, SEO is the process of ranking higher in the search engines (Google, MSN Live, Yahoo) to increase traffic. For most websites, increased traffic translates into higher sales, so there is no disputing the importance of practicing good SEO techniques.

Free SEO (Organic)




Paid SEO (PPC, CPC, SEM, Banners)



Do I need Social Media?

Social Media, what is it?

Two of the largest Social Media platforms are Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook & Twitter



All the Rest



How do I start Marketing on the internet?

Marketing on the internet cam be tricky and if you are not prudent, costly. I can provide helpful tips and paths to follow.

Host Applications

Server Side means these applications are run on "the server side" of the web browser,  or on the host server. I am proficient in most popular server side programs. I am planning to share most of that information on my blog. Hopefully soon.

Internet Business Tools

I am compiling a list of useful tools and programs that have worked for me over the past few years.